Sonic Memorial is an online soundscape and public archive that tells the story of the “life and times” of the World Trade Center and the events of September 11th from hundreds of perspectives. It was created following the events of September 11, 2001, not only as a place to grieve, but a place where people could participate in the preservation of history. More than 50 independent radio and new media producers, artists, historians, and people from around the world contributed to the over 1,000 personal and archival recordings gathered. Created in collaboration with the Kitchen Sisters and dotsperinch, Sonic Memorial is the first online project to win a Peabody Award.


“Such a beautiful idea, a sonic memorial. I’ve been listening for the last half hour or so to the sonic memorial, it is fascinating, and, so beautiful. This is the first online memorial or work of art I’ve experienced concerning 9/11 the rises to the occasion.”

– Jim Anderson, Canada

“What I’ve been seeing about 9/11, with the exception of this web site—are a lot of the times how wrong the terrorism is, how 9/11 warrants a war against terror, etc.—but not enough about why the US is targeted so often, and in the future, what can we do to avoid something like 9/11. In that sense, I feel that Sonic Memorial gives us a chance to reflect on ourselves – and where we are going.”

– Jim Olivieri

“This is an eloquent example of how the affordances of technology can be used to uniquely communicate an important concept, namely that history is made up of many voices and perspectives. Sonicmemorial.org really brings that point home. Congratulations on developing such a wonderful site.”

– Frances Villar

“…A compelling argument against concrete memorials: how the space of memory is filled with voices and sounds impossible to design into an object.”

– Counter Punch


FILE Festival and Symposium. Sao Paolo, Brazil 2004

Hearing Place Audiotheque, Victorian College of the Arts. Australia 2003

SXSW Interactive Festival, Austin, Texas 2003

The Museum of Television and Radio, NYC 2002

The Media Arts Festival, Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo, Japan 2002


Peabody Award 62nd Annual George Foster Peabody Awards, New York, NY, 2003

Online News Association Award, Creative Use of the Medium, Berkeley, CA 2002, 2003

SXSW Web Award, in Audio/Radio, Austin, TX, 2003

Gracie Allen Award, from Women in Television and Radio, New York, NY, 2003


The Kitchen Sisters (Davia Nelson and Nikki Silva), the Peabody-Award winning creators of the NPR radio series Lost & Found Sound , worked with some of this country’s most respected radio producers including Jay Allison, Joe Richman (Radio Diaries), Ben Shapiro, sound designer Jim McKee/Earwax Productions, and emerging talents Jamie York, Elinoar Astrinsky, and many others, to create The Sonic Memorial Project collaboration and a series of Sonic Memorial stories for NPR’s All Things Considered.

Picture Projects team:

Alison Cornyn, Sue Johnson

Anna Arbuckle, Vanessa Bertozzi, Britta Frahm, Maria Finn, and Brenda McCarthy

Audio editors (archive): Elana Berkowitz, Diane Cook, Derek Davis, Tony Field, Raina Kumra, Bray Poor, Ruby Sheets, and Guilia Pines, with additional help from Ian Pogorzelski and Wieslaw Pogorzelski

Archivist: Elaina Ganim

Copyediting: Ana Deboo

Consultants: MJ Bear, Kate Hartnick (Hartnick Consulting)

dotsperinch team:

Mark Shepard, Carlos Tejada

Isaac Rivera, Victor Szilagyi

Technologist: Julian Bleecker

Special Thanks

Individuals: Stacy Abramson, Jad Abumrad, David Allison, Tara Anderson, Katherine Baer, Josh Barlow, MJ Bear, Elana Berkowitz, Emily Botein, Mary Beth Bowen, Mara Brazer, Brianna Breen, Kathy Brew, Susan Burton, Karen Callahan, Dean Capello, Blue Chevigny, Daren Commons, Eric Davis, Ana Deboo, Mandalit Del Barco, Ethan Derner, Steve Dima, Mikel Ellcessor, Laurie Fabiano, Mark Ferrago, Beth Fertig, Jude Fletcher, Tim Folger, Peter Friedman, Ruxandra Guidi, Kate Hartnick, Grace Kee Heifetz, Chris Hosken, Kathleen Hulser, Amy Isackson, David Isay , Brewster Kahle, Caryn Havlik, Judy Isikow, Danny Kapilian, John Keefe, Jonathan Kern, Jay Kernis, Heidi Kriz, Robert Krulwich, Andy Lanset, Jim Lee, Michael Johnson, Brian Lehrer, James Levine, Sydney Lewis , Allison Lichter, Jacki Lyden , Rick Madden, Kee Malesky, Catherine Marquette, Marianne McCune, Viki Merrick, Chelsea Merz, Ginger Miles, David Miller, Chuck Moses, Ken Mueller, Patrick Murray, Robert Olin, Anne Pasternack, Ian Pogorzelski, Wieslaw Pogorzelski, Jan Seidler Ramirez, Ben Ruben, Ernie Scott, Rob Rosenthal, John Schaefer, Brian Scott, Mindy Schulte, Laurie Selik, Art Silverman, Sandra Sleight-Brennan, Christal Smith, Christel Schmidt, Israel Smith, Jim Smith, Alix Spiegel, Howie Stein, Jeff Sweeton, Mark Thompson, Charles Traub, Joanne Wallace, Manoli Weatherell, David Welch, Laura Welch, Dan Wingate, Joanne Wallace, Helen Woodward, Laura Walker, Alex Webb, Jim Zarroli, Steven Zeitlin.






Radio Diaries

The Museum of Television and Radio in New York City

The Smithsonian Institution

Facing History and Ourselves

September 11th Digital Archive

Public Radio Collaboration, Understanding America

ABC news

Creative Time

Earwax Productions

Hartnick Consulting


Sound Portraits

Ear Studio



New-York Historical Society


Ben Shapiro Productions

The Library of Congress


History Advisors & Scholars:

Kenneth T. Jackson, Professor of History at Columbia University, Director of the New York Historical Society. Editor of The Encyclopedia of New York

Angus Kress Gillespie, Professor Rutgers University. Author of Twin Towers, The Life of New York City’s World Trace Center

Robert W. Snyder, Cultural Historian and Associate Professor and Director, Journalism and Media Studies Program Rutgers University. Author of The Voice of the City: Vaudeville and Popular Culture in New York and Transit Talk: New York Bus and Subway Workers Tell Their Stories

Mike Wallace, Professor of History at John Jay College, City University of New York and Founder of The Gotham Center for New York History. Co-author of Gotham: A History of New York City to 1898

Eric Darton, author of Divided We Stand; The Biography of New York’s World Trade Center

Educational Advisors:

Suzanne Stenson O’Brien

Kerry Herlihy

Robert Snyder (Rutgers University)

Howard Lurie (Facing History and Ourselves)

Board of Advisors:

Jay Allison (Transom), Paul Auster, Ellen Sebastian Chang, Eleanor Coppola, Mark Danner, Laurie Fabiano, Angus Kress Gillespie, David Giovannoni, Peter Guralnick, Phil Kaufman, Robert Krulwich, David Isay (Soundportraits), Tom Luddy, Ken Mueller (Museum of Television and Radio), Michael Ondaatje, Ann Pasternak (Creative Time), Bonnie Raitt, Stephen Rivo, Nick Spitzer, Chris Strachwitz, Mark Thompson (Sentium)

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