Picture Projects is a Brooklyn based studio that creates projects and collaborates with non-profits, educational institutions, filmmakers, radio producers, artists and corporations ‘doing-good’ to develop engagement strategies and campaigns to investigate and transform pressing social issues of our day. We create exhibitions (permanent, temporary and travelling), interactive installations, virtual museums, web platforms, oral history archives, mobile engagement programs and social media campaigns to address issues from different points of view in a variety of modes and media.

Our work takes place at the intersection of the arts, humanities, history, documentary and journalism to tackle major contemporary and historical social concerns in areas such as criminal justice, social justice, human rights, spirituality, feminism and public memory.

Central to our work is the belief that stories have the power to affirm individual lives, promote understanding of diverse cultures and create communities where people come to know and value one another

We treasure the complexities and contradictions that arise in aggregating multiple perspectives from very different experiences and points of view.

Websites, mobile phones and interactive installations have become keynote narrative and dialoguing platforms with the possibility to engage and enable visitors with opportunities to respond to what they know. Picture Projects specializes in bringing to life all the facets of an issue online and in exhibition and public spaces.

In our current projects, we continue to weave new technologies with smart design into an ongoing exploration of our history and social fabric through first-person stories, dynamic data and participatory storytelling.

“We aim to create spaces for people to share stories and experiences in an effort to create communities, dialogue, and action around major issues.”

-Alison Cornyn, President and Creative Director

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