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Text ‘GITMO’ to 41411

Using a mobile polling system developed by Picture Projects, visitors may interact with the exhibit, and each other, by answering a series of Yes/No questions posed by each of the exhibit panels, including “Is the US an Empire?” and “Should GTMO be used for refugees in the future?” Some answers to the latter question include:

YES Just until they are admitted and processed
NO The conditions are too harsh
YES If they improve the facilities and make it a safe haven
NO This should be a question for CUBA’s government

Other questions include:“Is the treaty leasing Guantanamo Bay just?”and “Would you have wanted to live at GTMO during the Cold War?”

A continually updated compilation of all answers is shown on a video monitor in the exhibition as well as on the website, where answers can also be submitted http://gitmomemory.org/participate/question/.

To participate by SMS on our phone send a text to 41411 with the content ‘GITMO’and follow the directions you receive. To answer remember to type ‘GITMO Y’ for yes or ‘GITMO N’for no.

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