With the use of oral histories, navigable seasonal panoramic photographs, archival documents and images this permanent interactive exhibition explores the story of a remarkable architectural space. The dream of a Rabbi – Mortimer Cohen – who after WWII imagined a new space to house an American congregation at a time of rebirth after the Holocaust; a relationship between the synagogue’s charismatic Rabbi and the genius architect Frank Lloyd Wright; in which together they conceived a daring new vision for a modern, distinctly American, Jewish house of worship.


Beth Sholom Preservation Foundation’s Visitor Center, Elkins Park, PA permanent

Mexico Architectural Film Festival (film screening), Mexico City, Mexico October, 2010

Atlanta Jewish Film Festival (film screening) Atlanta, GA February, 2011

Philadelphia Jewish Short Film Festival (film screening), Philadelphia, PA March, 2011


Telly Award Bronze Telly for cultural documentary film, 2010

The Wall Street Journal, Julia M. Klein: The Rabbi and Frank Lloyd Wright, December 22, 2009.

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